How To Avoid Web Designers Who Steal Your Hard Earned Money And Run

Hiring a web designer can be costly if you’re not careful. Below are 4 questions that help you identify the good – from the bad:

#1: Does The Company Have A Website?

A web developer without a website is like a Tour de France racer with no bike. It makes no sense. If they’re marketing a service in web design, they should have a website that showcases their work, what they can give the customer, and how set up in-person/virtual meetings.

Their portfolio should contain examples of website designs for other clients (if allowed), as well as mock web design to show clients what’s possible.

#2: Do They Have References?

Everybody toots their own horn. But, can they back it up with proof of satisfied past clients? Some can. Some can’t. If they can’t, no worries; chances are they’re a newer design firm looking to get their feet wet. That’s fine if you’re willing to take that risk. If, however, you want a professional web design company in Miami to take the reins – ask for our references.

The best reference is not one who can prove they’re a satisfied client (although that’s a close second), it’s the one who tells you personally a company or person is good. Like a best friend talking about their favorite movie.

#3: Are They Attentive During Meetings?

Signs of a solid web developer ask you detailed questions about your business, goals, and target market. If they’re paying attention and giving you valuable feedback, they’re listening and responding accordingly. Also, if they take a little time to explain the process and what they’re going to do, they’re not leaving you in the dark.
The ultimate sign of a sketchy web designer is someone who does the complete opposite of what I said above.

#4: Are They Answering Your Questions?

Be a detective. Ask if they’re familiar with SEO (search engine optimization) techniques. Are they familiar with your industry? What programing languages do they use?

Also, if a web developer is avoiding questions, it’s a red flag. There’s something they’re not telling you or don’t want you to find out. Keep that in mind.

Trusting your gut can be a turning point between choosing a bad designer versus a good one. If you’re looking for a web design company in Miami, Good Work marketing maybe just what the doctor ordered.