Search Engine Marketing and Optimization

We can position your web site above your competitors.

There are two ways your website may appear on search engines: paid search results or natural search. One important consideration is that when you pay for appearing among the sponsored search results, you can advertise with a huge variety of keywords and key phrases. With my help you can get reports on how a particular keyword performs so you can put more emphasis on paying for keywords which offer better performance. With natural search, you can focus on a handful of related keywords which have high traffic. I recommend a mix between paid and natural search results to maximize your website’s performance.

We have vast experience promoting sites within the major search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing). Using only natural and ethical optimization techniques that are proven to deliver top rankings we can position your web site above the competition.

S.E.O is all about making your web pages “Search Engine Friendly” and increase your website’s popularity (ranking) to make it appear higher on the search results.

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On-Page optimization

After finding the right keywords, I make recommendations for updates on your title tags, page copy, site maps, alt tags, style tags, meta tags and navigation. Additionally, I teach you to avoid common mistakes and improve website usability.

Link building

Once your website is seen as a specific group of related keywords, I create referrals to your site. I do this by purchasing links on other sites that have content that relates to your products and services. This is all done by hand and one at a time by targeting websites and directories related to your industry and that have attained search engine ranking.

Performance Reports

Testing and measuring can be done on both paid and natural search and I provide monthly reports on either or both. These reports include number of visits per keyword, search engine where you came up on, location of visitor and time spent on site, operating system, percent of direct access vs search engine and other websites referrals, conversion rate and much more depending on your goals.