Seven Advantages Of Having A Custom Content Management System (CMS) For Your Website

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1. Updates on your schedule
A custom CMS allows you to make changes, updates or additions to your website on your schedule, not at the web designer’s or web master’s convenience. A new idea for your website can go from your mind to the internet in minutes.
2. Increased Security
The larger the audience piece of software has, the larger the pool of hackers attempting to hack it. With a custom CMS, the audience is an audience of one, which is not an attractive target for most hackers. This makes your website more secure.
3. Greater Flexibility
A custom CMS allows you to add a page or even an new section to your website without having to complete redesign the navigation of your website.
4. Easier Updates
If you can use a word processing program you can use a custom CMS. Once you log in from a web browser, making changes is as easy as typing in the information. When the changes are complete, click the ‘Publish’ button and you’re done. The edits or additions to your website will be on the internet in 30 seconds.
This process also works with your pictures, movie files and sound. Changing or adding a multimedia element is as easy as editing written content.
5. Less Expense
A web designer can charge $150 an hour to make simple changes to your website. This is in addition to the money paid for initial web development. With a custom CMS, you can make these changes yourself and save that money. A web designer is useful for initial web design or database design but a custom CMS will let you make changes or updates to your website yourself.
6. Increased Ownership
A web designer knows web design but you know your business and the message you are trying to convey to your customers. A custom CMS allows you to tailor your message to your clients. A custom CMS also allows you to make the day to day changes that increase profits.
7. Designed with you in mind
CMS software has been a major boon to web designers but unfortunately most have a steep learning curve. With a custom CMS, you have software that is built for the way you work and your skill set. With a custom CMS you can make changes to your website without having to learn new software to do it.